112 Cultural Goodwill Mission of National Day

Formosa Melody Music Center (FMMC)

Life is like a song, we sing out our dreams.
Music is like a flower, we cultivate with dedication and perseverance.

About Formosa Melody Music Center (FMMC)

FMMC was established in Yilan, Taiwan, in 1994. It has been invited to perform many times in the National Performance Hall, and has given countless charity performances with footprints in the fields, at beaches, local temples, schools, hospitals, concert halls, and event crossing the oceans to Japan, Europe and USA.

In 2001 to 2004 FMMC organized four international music festivals, and wishes to make Yilan a site known for its traditional music. In 2006, FMMC became the only group in residence at the National Center for Traditional Arts.In 2007, it undertook the Asian Pacific Cantata and attracted the participation of several hundred musicians from nearly 30 countries. In 2008, it was invited to attend Czech International Art Festival activities to perform with many international art groups. In 2010, it organized Taiwan Music Camp in Madera City, USA.

Since 2015, FMMC undertook the organization of Yilan International Art Festival. In the past few year 32 countries and nearly 2000 artists have been participated in this event. It was well received and successfully making Yilan City as an shine example for organizing international event.

In addition to organizing various international activities, FMMC did its efforts on music education as well. The growth of culture is accumulated over time. FMMC is writing a new page in the history of folk music groups in Yilan, and we are sincerely grateful for all the support from our friends. Dreams are built and dreams come true, and we hope to have you along the way towards all the ideals being reached.


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2023 September 24 (Sunday) 3:00pm


Cullen Theater at Wortham Center




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